Yoyo flowers

yoyo flowers

I love making Yoyo flowers. Recycling scrap fabric, sewing by hand, choosing beads, taking the time. Yoyo flowers are an easy sewing project, and they can be used in a wide variety of ways. From simply sewing button to slow embroidered flower.

yoyo flowers

It’s an easy children sewing project. They can make yoyo hair accessories, bookmarks, flowers …

How to make a YOYO

making a yoyo copy

  1. Cut circle of different diameter 6/8/10 …
  2. Fold the fabric border in, about half a centimeter
  3. Hand sew with large stiches all around the fabric border
  4. You can to choose to fill the yoyo with a little cushion filling  to make them puff.
  5. Pull the thread to close the yoyo, knot the thread
  6. Sew a button / pompon / perles in the center of the yoyo.


YOYO Sewing Ideas

Yoyo Key Ring

The Yoyo’s are glued on a polyester ball. First I pierced the polyester ball through to be able to thread a nice string.

Yoyo key ring

YoYo Hair Accesories

yoyo hair clipyoyo hair elastic

Yoyo Bracelet

yoyo bracelet

Yoyo Paper Clip

yoyo paper clip

Yoyo Flowers

This bouquet was sewn by Shira a 12 year old student during our sewing classes.

yoyo flower boquetyoyo flower bouquet 2


I have created a YOYO Kit in my online store : Creativity as a way of life – Shop You are welcome to visit !

Yoyo Kits

yoyo kit 2yoyo kityoyo kit 3





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