The bento bag Tutorial

The bento bag Tutorial

bento bag 2

Large bento bag

sac bento

Medium bento bag

This bag is inspired from the Pink Penguin Tutorial Lunch bag. Her tutorial is excellent and the pictures are great, thank-you.

The bag I have been created with my students in the studio has a different size and a great size for a hand bag. This size was created “by mistake” when I wrongly translated the inches in centimeter, multiply by 2 instead of 2.5. It turned out to be a contributing mistake, like most mistakes if one looks at the positive consequences of everything.

Bento Hand bag sizes in centimeters, seam allowances included ( 1 cm) :


Quantity of cuts

Medium Bento bag

Large bento bag

Main front


35 X 27 cm

40 x 31 cm

Main inside


35 x 27 cm

40 x 31 cm

Inside string bag


35 x 25 cm

40 x 18.5 cm

Upper front


35 x 9 cm

40 x 10 cm

Upper inside


35 x 9 cm

40 x 10 cm



42 x 9 cm

65 x 10 cm

Sting for the inside bag

175 cm

2 m

Heavy interfacing


53 x 35 cm

60 x 40


42 x 3.5 cm

65 x 4 cm


35 x 9 cm

40 x 10 cm

Sewing steps :

Main bag :

  1. Sew together the bottom edges  of  the two main outer bag pieces. Right sides facing. Press seams open.
  2. Iron  the large interfacing on the two sewn main outer bag pieces, on the wrong side of the fabric.
  3. Fold in half and sew the two short edges.
  4. sew the corner line (triangles), 14 cm from onside to the other. Then cut the corners off.
  5. Sew the lining together. Three sides. And sew the same corner. cut off. The lining does not need interfacing.

 making a triangle

Handles :

  1. Iron the interfacing in the middle of the wrong side of the handles
  2. fold and press the long edges toward the middle, fold in half and top stitch along the long edges on both side.
  3. same with the second handle. You know have two handles.


I made these handles with a different technique. Both work …

Sewing the rim :

  1. Iron the interface on the two upper outside rim fabric.
  2. Placing the handles : mark 10cm on both side of the rim from the outside in. place the handles right side/ right side of the rim. Each side of the handles in the middle of the 10 cm mark. Be careful the handles are not twisted !!
  3. sew very close to the edge to keep handles in place

assembling the handles

  1. sew both side of  the rim, right sides together with handles in the middle. sew on the top edge.
  2. press seam open
  3. sew the sides of the rim together, right side /right side. fold fabric in place creating the top loop of the bag.
  4. top stitch the top edge.
  5. sew very close to the edge on the bottom of the loop handles.

handles loop

The inside bag

  1. sew the two short edges of the inside bag, right side together, leaving 5 cm unsown  at the top edge.
  2. press seams open. and sew along both sides on the open seams all the way.
  3. press a fold of 1 cm inside on the top edge and fold again 2 cm. Sew very close to the folded line.

inside bag

Assembling the bag :

  1. Place the lining inside the outer bag. wrong sides facing.
  2. Sew very close to the top edge
  3. Slide the rim on the main bag right side/ right side. And sew very close to the edge
  4. sew the inside bag to the main bag. slide the inside bag right side / right side. Sew all around.
  5. turn the inside bag and the rim up. Top stitch around the main bag to maintain the inside bag in the inside.
  6. cut the cord in two. insert the string in the inside bag.  on both sides. Knot the ends for they don’t disappear.

You are done !! Enjoy

bento bag

bento bag 1

Bento bags students have sewn during sewing class

sac tal

Tal’s bento bag

orit's bento bagOrit’s bento bag

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