Rag rug crochet Tutorial

crochet rag rug tutorial

On morning, Adi came to the Studio with a huge bag of jersey fabric rags. She wanted to crochet a rug as a spiral. The fabric pieces were quite small, about 50 cm long each and had to be cut straight. I looked around for a Technic that would suit the conditions.

rags for rugs

As I like to explore new Technic, the crochet on a rope Technic seamed interesting to explore. I found a great Tutorial on Craft Passion. I was on my way.

I used a 3.5 mm crochet needle for the coton thread and a 7 mm crochet needle for the colorful Vitalgo “danielle” thread.

The basic idea is :

start : ch2, sc 8 on the second ch from hook, ch1 and place a marker. The marker needs to be moved  at every beginning of row.

At this point, add the rag rope and knit around it. I joined the jersey strip with a zigzag sew. I started of without sewing them, but It was very time consuming to hold the ends while knitting. Sewing them is recommended.

Then you adjust with the three different steps explain below. You have to feel how your rug is coming, if you need to add stitches or stay at the same pace. You just play around with these three steps

Step 1 : *sc on the next st, ch 1. *Repeat through the row

Step 2 : *sc on the next ch sp, ch2 . *Repeat through the row

Step 3 : *sc on the next ch sp, ch1, sc on same ch sp, ch1. *Repeat through the row.

crochet on a rag  ropecrochet on a rag ropecrochet on rag rope 2

At this point, I have not finished the rug, just enjoying the knitting ! I will post a picture once finished. Enjoy !

4 thoughts on “Rag rug crochet Tutorial”

  1. I really like your instructions on how to make this rug. But why did you say KNIT in the instructions when you are clearly using a crochet hook and crochet terms

    1. hi mary,
      no unfortunatly I did not finish the rug. The raw material I used was very turned out to be very time consuming to sew together. Bits and pieces of jersey coton sewing together. Good luck…

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