Pencil Case Box Tutorial

pencil case box tutorial

This pencil case box is one of my students favorite sewing project being made during sewing classes. It’s easy, useful and the result is stunning.

The secret of this project is the thickness and stiffness of the quality of the fusible interfacing. It has to be stiff ! I use one ( unfortunately I don’t know it’s name) that is stiff fabric like with the glue side flat and shinny.


Supplies :

(dimension include a 1 cm sewing line)

2 x Outside fabric 28 x 16 cm

2 x inside fabric 28 x 16 cm

2  x stiff fusible interfacing 28 x 16 cm

1 x  35 cm zipper ( I like my zipper to be long to facilitate sewing)

2 x 8 cm ribbon

Sewing steps :

Step 1 : Iron the fusible interfacing on the outside fabric

Step 2 : Sew together the first set of the outside fabric with the inside fabric both right sides of the fabric showing, on the top long edge (28 cm edge). Sew 1/2 cm from the edge. Repeat for the with the next set. Make sure that both sides are facing each othe as shown on the picture.

Pencil case Box - sewing the zipper

Step 3. Fold on the inside 1cm of the top sewn edge and iron. Pin the fabric on both sides of the zipper. Sew along the zipper.

Step 4 : Join all four fabric pieces with the zipper in the middle, right side facing right side. Sew on the bottom of the 28 cm edge at a cm from the edge. Then cut the edge with zig zag scissors  for decorative purposes.

pencil case box - sewing the sides

Step 5 : Fold the fabric for the bottom of the pencil case to lay flat on the zipper. The outside fabrics are on the inside.

Step 6 : fold the 8 cm ribbon in two and insert it between the zipper and the bottom zig zag edged. The ribbon edge sticking slightly out, to make sure it is not sewn to close. At this point the zipper has to be open ! if not you won’t be able to turn the pencil case on the right side. Sew both sides, 1 cm from the edge.

pencil case box - sewing the angles

Step 7 : Sew 4 side corners. The width of the corners are 6 cm with the middle 3 cm lined with the lateral sewing line. I inserted a picture of a other project to show you how to sew corners (don’t take into consideration the size of the corner on the picture). Open the pencil case without turning it over yet. Set flat on side, the iron fold of the long sides meeting the sewed lateral sides you just sewn . Mark the line and sew over it.

Sew four corners. Then cut the extra fabric 1 cm from the sewing line.
making a triangle

Step 8 : you are now done ! you can turn over the pencil case.

Enjoy …

I am sharing pictures of pencil cases that have been sewn in the studio both by adults and children !

pink pencil case

dvora sews for her sonMay 10 - the patchwork pencil case

May 10 years old, sewed this patchwork pencil case !

children sew pencil cases

9 years old girls sew a pencil case

adolescent sew pencil case

Adolescent girls sew their pencil case



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