Making your own Carnaval Mask and other accessories

Venetian Carnaval Mask

Preparation have started around Pourim, the jewish carnaval. Children come to the sewing class and with curiousity try to find out which costume each one will be wearing. Most children want to keep it a secret and work hard not to reveal their costume. It’s an exciting game full of surprises and dreams come true with a lot of creativity and imagination. Most of my student make their own costumes, sewing bits and pieces from their imagination. As the day of disguise approaches, tension and excitement build in and most of all this great satisfaction of having brought to life this new caracter, personality that they borrow for a few days widening the spectrum of possibilities.

מסכת דקופאצ'

This year I  explored creating Masks, Magic wands, fairy wands and rattles with Decopatch Papers and I must say it was a real pleasure. It’s easy to work with the papers choosing the color combinations and playing around with the imagination. The end result looks great, elegant and colorful.

It is very important when creating with children that you unable them to create something esthetic, good looking. When preparing a sample for a project it should be the reflection of your true personnality. Children are inspired by the way we create, it opens new realms of creative possibilities .Then they are free to translate it the way they want, creating from their own inside inspiration.

Creating Carnaval Masks and accessories with Decopatch


Papier Mache Masks (from simple paper Masks to elaborate Decopatch Masks),  fairy wand and rattles.

Variety of Decopatch Papers

Decopatch Glue

Paint brush



strass cabochons


How to Make

Step 1 : 

Choose the paper mache mask. If it’s brown, paint it with white base acrylic color.

מסכה ונציאנית

מסכות לבנות

If the mask base is white you do not need to paint it !

Step 2 :

מסכת ונציאנית בתהליך

Select the Decopatch papers.

Tear off into pieces the Decopatch Paper with your hands.

Apply the Decopatch varnish glue on a small part of the mask.

Put a piece of decopatch paper on the glued part

Reapply some decopatch varnish glue on the piece of Decopatch Paper, smoothing it from the center to the edges.

Reapeat the process until you completely cover the mask by overlapping the pieces on top of each other.

Step 3 :


Fold the paper inside the holes of the masks (eyes ans decoartive holes) when the paper is still wet from the glue. DO NOT let the glue dry out and then fold them in, it will be much more difficult.

Step 4 :

Decorate the mask or magic wand with feathers, rubons and strass..

simple masks

magic wand


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