Making a Paper Lantern with kids


paper lantern englishI have done this project several times with children and it is always successful ! Children like building with icecream sticks and most of all copying and drawing on transparent tracing paper. This project takes a while and you can work on step at the time…


16 Ice cream sticks

Tracing paper strip 48cm x 12 cm

11,5×11,5 foam board (1cm thick)

Decopatch Paper or other decorative paper

Amos White Craft Glue ( this glue dye’s quickly with is important when working with children)

Scotch tape

Gold Acrylic Paint (Martha Stewart gold Acrylic Paint)

Color markers

Mandala drawings


paper lantern preparation

Step 1 : Building the Ice cream stick windows

Make four squares with the ice cream sticks. It is important that two sticks are parallel on the bottom and two parallel on the top. When dry paint them in gold on one side.

Step 2 : Prepare the base

Cover the foam board square base with Decopatch paper (just the best collage paper to work with) or creative paper you have at hand.

Step 3: Prepare the tracing paper windows

Lay your 4 ice cream stick window side by side on the stip of tracing paper. Trace with a pencil the inside of the windows to mark where to draw.

Step 4: Draw

paper lantern copying on tracing paper

paper lantern drawing on the tracing paperpaper lantern drawing

Print mandala drawing in black and white and let the children copy the drawings. It’s important to hold the drawing with scotch tape for the children so that they copy without having the drawing move. Children LOVE to copy on tracing paper.

First let them do the contour with a black permanent marker . When Dry they fill in with color markers.

Step 5 : Strengthen the corners

Place a strip of scotch tape on the back between the drawn squares to strengthen the corners.

Step 6 : Mounting


Glue the ice cream squares sticks around the drawings.

Step 7 : Build the paper lantern

Glue and join the tracing paper around the base and on the open side.

paper lantern 2

Your colorful paper lantern is ready !!



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