Making a Paper Ball Ornament – Tutorial


making a Paper BallPaper Ornament are beautifull and simple creations to make and hang at home adding a personal creative touch. It seems that I am particulary attrated to paper decorative object because of their lightness, movement, and beauty of simplicity.

This project is quite simple, it just takes one step at the time to put it all together. It’s a mix of collage, origami, paper craft and a great project with kids. Just follow the steps and enjoy ….



White Bristol board  240gr thick  70×100 cm (decorative bristol can also be used instead )

Decopatch Paper

Decopatch Paper Glue

Stick Glue

Glue brush



3″ Round Paper Punch


Gold thread for the pompom

Decorative beads

Steps :

Step 1

Glue the decopatch paper on the bristol

Cut the Bristol Board into 2 boards of 50×40 cm .

Draw with a pencil 10×10 square. You should have 20 10×10 squares paper decorated at the end of step 2.

Step 2 :

Select the Decopatch paper you want to use and cut in 10x10cm squares.

Glue the decopatch paper on the white bristol boards in the predesigned 10×10 squares. They can be either glued in one piece or by tearing the decopatch paper and working as a collage.

Step 3: 

20 3" circles

Punch with the 3″ puncher, 20 circles.

Step 4 :

folding in triangles

Fold all 20 circles around the triangle cardboard as shown. The size of the triangle should be very slightly smaller than the 3″ circle to create perfect angles. In this case each sides of the triangle were 7cm.

Step 5 :

הכנת הכדור הציבעוני 1

Assemble the triangles.

Assemble five trangles as shown above. Use the paper glue stick on the sides of the triangle. It is important to well spread the glue for a clean assembling. You should create 2 of the 5 triangle “hats”.

With the remaining 10 triangles assemble a long line. When dry close in a circle line.

Use the clothespins to keep the triangles steady until they dry.

The final assembling part will be done after creating the tassel.



Step 6 : 

Prepare the Tassel to be hanging through and underneath the paperball.

Tassel Tutorial :

Thread a few decorative beads above the Tassel

Step 7 : Final assembling

Thread the tassel through the bottom 5 triangle hat.

Glue the bottom hat to one side of the 10 triangle circle.

thread the tassel through the top 5 triangle hat.

Glue the top 5 triangle hat the the top 10 triangle circle.

Hold with clothespins until dry.

paper ball

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