Making a fabric chain garland from left overs Fabric

It’s always fun making a chain garland, adding colors one after the other and wishing for the garland to grow longer and longer.

I came up with a great fabric garland on LRstiched’s blog and went straight into my huge fabric scrap bag in the Studio. I am always looking for new ideas to reuse these small pieces of fabrics, and immediately went to work. I simplified LRstiched tutorial by just gluing the fabric rings together. I wanted it to be a project that children could easily do by themselves. I tested it with the children in my classes and they all loved it : Cutting, Ironing (children love to iron and feel grown up), and gluing. Enjoy !

fabric strips

Materials for a Fabric chain garland 1.20m

  • 60 Strips of fabric 14×2 cm each
  • 4.50 m of double sided interface tape
  • Fabric glue
  • Scisors or Rotary cutter
  • Iron

סרט מכפלת דו צדדי


Step 1 

Cut the 60 Strips of fabrics from fabric leftovers 14×2 cm and group them two by two

Cut the double sided interface tape in strips of 14 cm long

Step 2

Place the interface on between two strips with the nice side of the fabric on the outside. Iron. Chani Iron all the strips. You should have 30 strips by the end.

Step 3

Glue the first ring closed with a thin line of glue on the edge of the strip. Then thread the next strip in the first ring and glue it closed. Proceed as above for all the following strips.

Tip : The glue takes a little time to glue, it is best to rest the fabric chain on your working table while gluing the rings.

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