Decorating a shoebox – Kids Summer craft activity



Decorating a shoebox This activity was inspired from Alisa Burke‘s work of which I am a big fan.

Easy and fun to make, children from age 6 made these boxes. The older the children, the more they have patience to go into decorative details. Kids are very independent with this activity.

Supplies :

Recycled Shoebox

Black or White Acrylic Paint

White and black Edding 750 Paint Marker.

Optional : Colorful Buttons,cabochons, colorful beads, hot glue

Instructions :

1. Paint the shoe box in all white or black acrylic paint. Let dry.

2. Start drawing geometrical shapes, flowers, spirals with the opposite color from the box back ground.

3. Hot glue buttons, cabochons or colorful beads

decorating a shoebox - buttonsChildren decorate shoeboxessketching on the shoe box

 sketching on a shoe box

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