Hi, I’m Stephanie,

I grew up in Paris, have lived in New York and Hong-Kong and ended up settling down in Binyamina, Israel where we have sunny days almost all year long! I love to initiate, create, dream, and embark on new adventures with curiosity and joy of new discoveries.

Over the years, I have intertwined many fields of interest into my work life: craft, design, alternative education and teaching, entrepreneurship and cooking; most of which I have self-taught myself out of genuine curiosity. I believe that we can learn anything we really want to!!

And since blogging has been a longtime dream, I am excited to start this new journey and share with you my creative inside world.

The blog

This blog is here to help you bring creativity into your daily life; helping you create an inspiring and aesthetic home and work environment through lots of DIY tutorials, inspiring designer’s stories, and daily tips and tricks.

I believe you can create a stunning and personal environment that reflects yourself with the simplest of things.

You might want to start by reading my free book: How to create your own studio space at home. I walk you through the studio space design and organization (no matter the size of your home), the basic materials needed for daily creativity, the do’s and don’ts of storing supplies and more…

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the journey.