Making your own Carnaval Mask and other accessories

Preparation have started around Pourim, the jewish carnaval. Children come to the sewing class and with curiousity try to find out which costume each one will be wearing. Most children want to keep it a secret and work hard not to reveal their costume. It’s an exciting game full of surprises and dreams come true with

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Making a Paper Ball Ornament – Tutorial

  Paper Ornament are beautifull and simple creations to make and hang at home adding a personal creative touch. It seems that I am particulary attrated to paper decorative object because of their lightness, movement, and beauty of simplicity. This project is quite simple, it just takes one step at the time to put it

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Making a Paper Lantern with kids

  I have done this project several times with children and it is always successful ! Children like building with icecream sticks and most of all copying and drawing on transparent tracing paper. This project takes a while and you can work on step at the time… Materials 16 Ice cream sticks Tracing paper strip 48cm

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Making a fabric chain garland from left overs Fabric

It’s always fun making a chain garland, adding colors one after the other and wishing for the garland to grow longer and longer. I came up with a great fabric garland on LRstiched’s blog and went straight into my huge fabric scrap bag in the Studio. I am always looking for new ideas to reuse these

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Pencil Case Box Tutorial

This pencil case box is one of my students favorite sewing project being made during sewing classes. It’s easy, useful and the result is stunning. The secret of this project is the thickness and stiffness of the quality of the fusible interfacing. It has to be stiff ! I use one ( unfortunately I don’t know it’s name)

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Decorating a shoebox – Kids Summer craft activity

    This activity was inspired from Alisa Burke‘s work of which I am a big fan. Easy and fun to make, children from age 6 made these boxes. The older the children, the more they have patience to go into decorative details. Kids are very independent with this activity. Supplies : Recycled Shoebox Black or White

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